Thursday, 23 August 2007

Narcissists anonymous?

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I was quite unnecessarily chuffed this morning by this, frankly fantastic, illustration from that ever lovely illustrator to the stars, Dotmund who appears to have caught my inane grin to a T.

Now I am not usually one to praise others (frankly, if you are not me then you're not up to scratch), but I do like Ed's work and you should check out his comic Nicer World and maybe buy some of his illustrations, which are really rather good. Now I just need to work out where to put it in my template.

In other news, I have a guest pooer today, in the guise of one Mr Tom Mitchell, son of the notable author Peter and bearded fool.

Whilst Thomas has a severe handicap in the form of a severely reduced fighting weight to begin with (which can be attributed to the difference in our height being at the top, where the (obviously heavy) brain is located) he is on form lately and has the look of a man who has prepared for this.

His 1.5lb poo is not anything that I have to worry about, but it is good for a first time effort.

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