Friday, 3 August 2007

I am overweight again.

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I am not sure when I started to care, but it seems I actually do - I was noticeably put out to discover that I weighed 192.2lbs this morning and even more disgruntled when, after exercising my rights to lavatory use, I found that I was still 191.2lbs.

I have lost about 30lbs over the last couple of months and I owe this, in no small part, to the scatology dieting programme. The truth is though, that I started all this for a laugh and didn't really care tuppence about my weight.

When I initially worked out my BMI and ideal weight, I was aiming at a target of 200lbs. When I achieved this, just to make a bit of a challenge out of it, I moved the goal posts to 190lbs.

This, falsely created, meaningless target now consumes me and, going from a man who was a bit podgy, but could still run a half marathon of cycle 40 miles and who didn't care about weight, just about excess lard, to an obsessed idiot, on the point of anorexia.

What is happening to me? Am I turning into Anneka Rice.

Oh well, she had a nice botty, I suppose.

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