Saturday, 25 August 2007


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Admittedly, I will almost certainly spend the whole time working on either the house of Jim's part-time work whilst she feeds the baby, but it'll be a different screen I goggle into at least.

There seems to be a lack of weight loss yesterday and, now that I consider it, I did not have a poo.

Maybe I have to eat more?

Either way, I am piling on the pounds again, weighing, as I do, a quite absurd 197.4lbs.

I am having a poo

196.1lbs. I realised, whilst seated, that I was clasping my (simply enormous) mug in my sweaty paw, so both these weights include a solid lump of clay which Jim crudely fashioned into a receptacle many moons ago, on the occasion of my 30th.

I may photograph it later, for your viewing pleasure.

I am a little concerned that I went without any weight loss activities yesterday without noticing. It must have been all the excitement with the balls.

As a point of mild interest, the grey balls are our chairs, we don't own that many inflatable toys.

Thanks (mostly) to Steef for this:


Emergency poo! I am 194.5lbs of pure man.

I am having a poo

Blimey, nearly didn't have time to weigh! 193.1lbs are not as much pure man.

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