Wednesday, 15 August 2007

It's a multi-poo week, it would appear.

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After three visits to Ivor, to offload some unnecessary waste from my waist, I have a couple again today.

When I wake up I weigh myself at 188.9lbs which, if I am honest, is somewhat pleasing. after a short toilet break I find that I deposited 1.8lbs in the pan and now weigh a mere 187.1lbs.

Now it is afternoon, yet I still only weigh 192.8lbs, despite a pub lunch (and well done to those who got married in a clandestine manner over the weekend, btw).

I am having a poo

Despite all the cake, I still weigh a poultry 191lbs. None too shabby really.

Recent events suggest that things can only improve.

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