Friday, 31 August 2007

7.2lbs of poo!

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I wake up weighing a mere 189.8lbs.

I'd be somewhat more smug if it were not for the severe haircut I had yesterday (between the five inches I had cut off for Tinium's wedding and the 6" I lost yesterday, I am 11 inches of thick hair the lighter.

As a dieting measure this clearly counts as cheating, but as a weight loss exercise I appear to be on to a winner. Of course I only have about a foot or so of hair left, although I do have a beard and am not totally opposed to the idea of shaving my legs for science.

Anyway . . .

I am having a poo


7.2lbs of poo!

I mean, it felt like a god one, but over 7 lbs?

Woo! Yay! Hooplah! Panowie!

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