Tuesday, 7 August 2007


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Fluffy is having some problems with his central heating and, in particular, with one of his radiator's compression joints.

Since I needed to pop out for a soldering iron anyway, it would have been rude not to have also purchased a packet of olives for him, whilst I was in the area and, thus, I did so.

The nice man from John Gandys was able to supply not only the bat eggs, but also a stapler.

Hilarity, as can be expected, ensued.

Click for bigger.

In other news, before my, rather splendid, pub lunch I weighed in at 191.2lbs. I had a poo, as I so often tend to do, after a session on the scales, and then found I had dropped to 191lbs. I am, as you can no doubt imagine, far from impressed by this, somewhat disastrous turn of events.

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