Saturday, 1 December 2007

Red Run Rescue

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We have been working at Haldon for a long time now, and today we are doing some cross-country trailbuilding.

Named 'Red Run Rescue', David Harvey, who has been contracted outside of the Haldon Freeride organisation to work on the rebuilding of the main x-country trail, after it was washed away in the quarry collapse last year, asked if we would assist him.

Since the other 15 or so volunteers are not normally in the woods building, the Geniu and I worked on hauling rocks out of the quarry and transporting them to the site.

Five slightly overloaded trips later and we had a good pile of three ton of rock, the larger ones we moved in under the steam of a power barrow. This is only marginally better, off-road, than a standard wheelbarrow and, for smaller rocks, is worse.

I ran my foot over countless times, but the journey back, riding in the bucket, was marginally more fun than having my teeth pulled.

I am utterly exhausted and weigh 193.1lbs

I am having a poo

I weigh 191.8lbs and it is time I slept.

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