Friday, 30 November 2007


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Tonight I am off to the opening night of an unusual exhibition. On Red Lion Lane in Exeter is Exeter Art Spaces, where one of the directors is Ruth, a good friend of Jim's from art school.

It was a little like visiting a final exhibition for an A-level or University course. The variety was huge, but so was the standard, ranging from GCSE standard daubs, through to some really well formed sculptures.

I weigh 194.7lbs

I am having a poo

I weigh 193.5lbs.

A boy who went to school with my sister was there - I must remember to tell her. Also, there is a man in town who I see quite often who looks like a chap I served with in 1RHA. He looks enough like him that, the first time I saw him, I approached him with a hearty 'hey-ho there Kitkat!' and, on the strength of this, have greeted him ever since.

It is nice to know that he has a real name, which is Sam.

I weigh 196.4lbs

I am having a poo

I weigh 194lbs

The highlights for me were Adrian Scragg's work, which Jim tells me I am not allowed to buy until I put up a picture rail, a splendid piece of celebrity art which was priced at >£60,000 and made me chuckle for some time, and some rather splendid little sculpted 'stones' by a gentleman called Rolf who seemed a little put out that anyone exhibited who was not in the studio every single day and thus presumably was unemployed.

Oh, and the giant stainless steel head must get a mention as well, so: 3.6lbs of poo and a goodly load of art.


Here's an updated version of the Bert image from Tuesday:


dahlia said...

Adrian Scragg's paintings may be lovely but I'm surprised you weren't more interested in Francis Ives' big log.

Lord Manley said...

It sounds more in keeping with my scatological interests, but I don't know quite which piece it would have been?

dahlia said...

It was the big one wrapped around the white-walled room like a....
Cunningly disguised as a print of a tree trunk, but I think we all know what he meant.