Thursday, 29 November 2007

What a palaver!

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I am desperate for a poo. This wouldn't normally be a problem, but I have no idea where the scales are. They are suspicious in their absence from the old exec. office, they are clearly not in the board room and the conference room and pods are all devoid of mass calculation hardware.

In short, I cannot poo.

I have asked around and everyone denies all knowledge. Actually, that's not true, everyone denies knowledge of the whereabouts of the scales, but they are being coy about whether they might know who does know. Who would tell a direct lie here?

David bloody Gregory!

I have found the scales on Old Greg's lap and now weigh 195lbs

I am having a poo

I weigh 194.6lbs and now realise that, if I am to put up with these kind of shenanigans, I am going to have to up my game.

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