Sunday, 4 November 2007

Barbados rum

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Normally we go up onto the hills in Redhills, from where we can see all of Exeter and down river as far as Topsham on the Saturday nearest the 5th.

Last year we took a load of fancy meat (impala, kudu, boar, zebra, crocodile, buffalo, kangaroo, ostrich, that kind of nonsense) and had a splendid barbecue whilst watching a couple of dozen professional displays and a few thousand amateur ones as the city slowly became hidden behind a cloud of cordite.

On the 5th itself we all traipse out to my father's where we burn everything we can find in his field.

This year our vegan friends had a party on the Saturday, with a caterer and everything, where we went instead. Anderson had brought some bootleg rum from Barbados and I took a load of kosher wine.

Damn, that stuff is sweet and drinkable, but I feel like a firework war is in my forehead this morning.

I weigh 190.6lbs.

I am having a poo

I'm not normally political, but am I alone in wondering why the Mexican state of Tabasco can handle a major rescue operation, whilst New Orleans was basically left to rot by Bush? I weigh 190.3lbs, somewhat disappointing after my exertions, but then vegan food must be low in mass, for all it's flavour.

All of team Manley has been ill with a vomiting bug, but Benji didn't turn up last night due to diarrhoea and I just received a text message from the Dagnall, who was with us yesterday, to tell us he has fallen foul of the same, so .3lbs it may be, but at least it was of a robust consistency.

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