Thursday, 8 November 2007

World Toilet Day

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Whilst I am on a roll with these good causes, let's have a look forward to World Toilet Day which is coming up on Monday week.

I have already booked the time off work and I hope you will too.

5,700,000,000 people are without proper sanitation, that is 95% of the world's population excreting directly into the environment – on the land and to the receiving water bodies.

It's an odd organisation, but a valid one. The situation in Victorian London is not so long in the past that we cannot empathise with the typhus elsewhere.

I weigh 195.8lbs.

I am having a poo. In a toilet

I weigh 193.8lbs.

I have a letter from AXA regarding my being run over by a van they insure. I don't want to discuss something which might go to court, but I feel it's not too bad to mention, in passing, that AXA are evil.

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