Monday, 26 November 2007

Back to normal

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First of all, I should like to apologise for yesterday's post, which covered the entire weekend.

I spent Saturday ripping out the kitchen and putting in a new sink, followed by an evening with guests and parents and Chinese food.

On Sunday I spent the day with my family (nuclear, that is) and then had other guests and Chinese food in the evening.

I did take the time to weigh myself and to record my excretions, but I was not in a position to write very much as I was busy. In other news, my laptop is partially mended, which was a nice result.

I have just realised that my MOT ran out several days ago. I weigh 194.4lbs

I am having a poo

I have now booked my MOT for TODAY at Alphington Fast Fit and dropped the old Delica off, so at least I won't get fined.

I'd better check the tax and insurance later on, eh?

I weigh 191lbs

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