Monday, 10 December 2007

Fridge Freezers abound.

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As we arrived home last night my good lady wife noticed that the family across the road were moving out and that they had a fridge-freezer which they no longer wanted.

I was dispatched to collect this.

I will say this in Jim's defence: at no point did she tell me I had to carry the appliance. I did however carry the appliance. I also defrosted and installed it.

Then on Sunday I took Jim shopping for a Fridge Freezer.

I liked this black one, but in the end I couldn't justify paying £82 extra just to have it in black with a chrome sign reading 'Daewoo' on the front, so we settled for the This better value which a white version offered.

It arrives on Thursday, I am a lot poorer and it had better be good enough. I want an American style side-by-side jobby, but they seem to all be too deep, so that's right out.

I weigh 196.7lbs

I am having a poo

I weigh 195.7lbs My back hurts.

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