Monday, 31 December 2007

Free shirt!

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I weigh 198.8lbs

I am having a poo

I weigh 198.4lbs.

I am somewhat disappointed by this as it was not a small visit to Ivor, but I'll take things as they come. As I said yesterday, Jim broke our scales, so we went to Boots for some new ones.

The queues in Boots were enormous and most of the shelves were entirely bare. What is wrong with people? Anyway, the scales were out of stock, so I bought some smaller ones and, without expecting it, recieved £15 cash-back for the inconvenience.

So I went to Next and bought a rather natty shirt to go with the flat-cap from Matalan.

I now look very much the man about town.

I weigh 199.2lbs

I am having a poo

I weigh 198.8lbs.

Today is the day for small poos it would appear ;¬( In other news, Christmas day saw my lowest ever number of visitors to this site. That said, I had my laptops upstairs, out of the way, but there were a lot of you, and I mean a lot, who had nothing better to do than read about my poo.


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