Thursday, 13 December 2007

Oh what a Christmasphere,

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Leaving Russ Abbott aside, and I think we all agree that this is the best course of action,

today is the day that the techies have their picnic.

We are all off to The Eden Project, and I have to take this opportunity to tip my hat to Dave's dad for his work there at this juncture, where I believe there has been talk of ice skating.

Last time I went ice skating, Jim got pregnant. Since there are no females in our company at all at the moment, I am hoping to get away with it Scott free this time around.

As I have a seven seater Delica, I am driving, as is Benji in his Land Rover (why we need off road vehicles for the A30 I couldn't say, but there you go!).

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I have a Father Christmas outfit and have installed Christmas lights and tinsel in the car, as well as filling the retracting roof panels with crackers which I can then release during the journey from the front.

I hope it all goes well! I weigh 194.1lbs

I am having a poo

I weigh 188.7lbs.

Now that's a good start to the day.


I weigh exactly 200lbs.

I am having another poo

I weigh 199.5lbs - Father Christmas outfits are heavy. I'm not wearing one yet, of course, but they are heavy.

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