Friday, 7 December 2007

Surprise Christmas dinner!

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For lunch today we went out to Tai Pai Dong,
a Waggamamma style noodle bar, but much better.

When we got there it was fairly full and, since there were 7 of us, we decided upon the pub and proceeded there, icking up Matthewparker's girlfriend along the way.

[EDIT: Ickling up? I meant to say 'picking up', obviously - thanks to Jason for the proof reading service.]

At the pub we were given a hearty welcome and lead to our table, which was festooned with crackers and Christmas regalia.

It turns out that there was a communication error at the pub and our Christmas Lunch, booked for the 17th in the downstairs calender, was booked for today in the kitchen. Because we are important customers (apparently?) the chef had gone to the trouble of coming in early to start on the consommé.

So, as you do, 8 of us had 30 courses and I am feeling warm and lovely.

I weigh 198.2lbs

I am having a poo

I weigh 195.2lbs

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