Saturday, 29 December 2007

Home again!

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RAIN! SO much rain it is just silly. About 3 miles out from my parent's house and I was driving through around 3 inches of surface water and nearly turned back. Eventually I stopped at Matthewparker and Ayse's for a cup of tea whilst the storm blew itself out.

Now I am at home and I weigh 197.5lbs

I am having a poo

I weigh 196.3lbs and am still eating ham.

On a walk this afternoon a young lad (well, about 28) cycled past the pushchair and the children without holding his handlebars. This annoys me - I am a cyclist and I know how, especially off road, things can suddenly go horribly wrong.

"Hold on to the handlebars with both hands when you cycle past my children, if you would!" I shouted.
"What did you say?", replies the somewhat unexpectedly angry young male.
"TWO HANDS past the babies please!"
"I've only got one fucking hand."

Now I have not sworn this badly before in this log, but yes, he only had one fucking hand.

My point stands regarding cycling past children without holding on, but I don't really think I can get away without a little embarrassment here.

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