Monday, 17 December 2007

Purple poo!

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This morning I weigh 192.6lbs

I am having a poo

I weigh 192.1lbs. My wife only weighs 96.1lbs, which is quietly alarming. Surely I should not be twice as big as another full grown human being?

Anyway, on with the blog. Last night, and I should prepare you for this by telling you how little I enjoy beetroot in its usual non-pickled forms, I ate:

  • 2 roast beetroot

  • 1 boiled beetroot (baby food - I hate this stuff)

  • 454grams of pickled beetroot, including the vinegar

Now, I was linked to by this Greenfingers chap some time ago and I have only just gotten around to following up on it.

As far as I am concerned, boiled beetroot can just go right to hell. Were I the devil or, let's at least be a little realistic about this, a minor demon, I'd want boiled beetroot to annoy the denizens with.

Tyrells do excellent beetroot crisps which they, quite legitimately, describe as Like little works of art, Tyrrells beetroot chips are as beautiful as they are tasty. Hand fried in small batches, our beetroot chips can be found in the Tyrrells hall of fame – as a 2004 Silver Gold taste Award Winner. For myself though, I'd say that, although the beetroot ones are my favourite, they work so much better when combined with the carrot and parsnip crisps in the Hand Fried Vegetable Chip packet.

Delicious crispy goodness best bought from Green Ginger

So, to experiment. I weigh 196.4lbs.

I am having a purple poo

I weigh 195.4 and yes, it was purple as can be!


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Anonymous said...

hi it is how long have you been eating that much beatroot in you daily diet please post back and i may be able to elp you with your problem :) cheers jake poo expert