Sunday, 14 October 2007


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I took my new (freecycle) canoe down to the river with my boat. The canoe does have a small leak, but I think it'd take around 2 hours to become a problem. It also has a back strap which is far too small for my fat arse, so I'd not like to get stuck upside down in her.

I also fell in.

I tried to get in, sat on the strap, lost it a bit, got the nautical equivalent of disco-leg and went under. This was good in a way as I was then able to justify swimming along beside my 6 year old whilst she failed to really get the hang of paddling but thoroughly enjoyed herself.

We also took the newest (4 months today) Manley for a row down the canal and the river and towed the 6 year old along for a mile or so in the canoe, tied to the back of my walker bay. 'Godfather' James came along and supplied a paddle (I need to buy one and also to mend the fibreglass in a couple of spots, but the canoe is entertaining), and all was well.

Now I am drinking some rather nice 8.5% Robinson's Old Tom ale and cooking a silver side joint. I love messing around with my family. If only I had more money my life would be completely ace.

They tell me that money cannot buy me happiness, and they are right, but I already have happiness, I just need some money to get rid of the misery.

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me said...

Who was it said something like 'the only thing I have left to try is seeing if being rich really does make you miserable'?
I personally have done the homeless and poor bit and that DOES make you miserable. Open to anyone who would like me to try out the rich angle too.