Sunday, 14 October 2007

Happy Birthday Mr Dagnall.

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It's an important day for the under sevens, chez Manley.

Today is Primary Ballet Certificate day.

It doesn't actually mean anything, their actual primary exam is next month and today is just about gleaning a few more precious pounds from the mitts of hard up scatology dieters, but it's just as important when one is six.

What it means to me is that, following yesterday's paper-maché birthday party, I have to scrub the child halfway to the bone to prepare her.

Yesterday morning started with a poo and ballet practice. I met my foster brother on the bridge on the way home, who I haven't seen for a couple of years. He's off to Grand Canaria, but I hope to see him when he returns. It's strange to think that he's a full grown man now. Even the youngest of the foster children must be old enough to drink now. I am an old man! In the tower on Campanology Thursday, one of the ringers was celebrating his birthday and there is a chap in there who was born when I was 19. I could be his father (although his mother assures me that I am not).

Anyway, I digress. I've finished ballet practise and am now off to a paper-maché party. This is a great plan. Ben from our excellent local Exeter independent bike shop is plastering all the walls of his new house, so the place is fairly chaotic anyway and there is nothing likely to be spoiled by paper-maché or paint, so the children could do pretty much as they liked. I knew nobody there at all (Ben was working) apart from his wife, who I have only met a few times in passing, but the girls loved it.

In fact we only had time to go to Sainsburys and buy raspberry beer and some Old Tom before bed.

This morning I weigh 193 lbs, on the nose.

I am having a poo

190.1lbs, eh? Interestingly (well, probably not) I weighed 193lbs naked, yet 190.1lbs in my new Sainsbury pants (not as good as Tesco ones), so I might have been on my ideal weight if I had only remained in the buff.

Either way, it's time for child scouring if I am to remove all the paint and flour paste and get her hair slicked back in the appropriate fashion. Damn, but it's a nonsense.

Have fun my readers and please, don't throw bricks at railway carriages, it's just stupid.



I weigh 189.8lbs and desperately need to lose more weight!

I am having another poo

188.8lbs. Nice weight to be, another pound lost AND lucky for the Chinese.

What a super day!

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