Wednesday, 17 October 2007

The pride of poo.

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Well, I haven't actually, I'm just including a rather nice picture by The magic of chutney, but I weigh 193.5lbs and so I might be about to.

I am having a poo

I now weigh 191.3bs, so it was nothing much, a mere 2.2lber beside the glory of a 7.2lber pales into insignificance.

I have done a single poo once, which stuck up above the level of the seat as a single pillar of faeces, from the bend and up, out of the water, without touching the sides.

We had guests, so I summoned them to behold the wondrous sight. Surprisingly 'Godfather' James has visited since.

As an addendum, I was sent this by Matthewparker and it amused me.

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