Sunday, 7 October 2007


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Yesterday was a splendid day.

In the morning we went to the recycling centre and I got a couple of old wooden and brass fishing rods, which I then bastardised into a single short imitation of a rod for my eldest daughter's ballet exam. I have also made a jamjar on a string, but that is much less impressive.

Later on we went for lunch at our vegan friends' new house (they have names and more defining features than their eating habits, but I don't know how they might feel about me using their real names) which involved wraps and falafels, which always makes my Lordship happy.

We went to the park for some football and a play on the swings and then back to ours for Indian, with Tinium and Matthewparker and the rest of the gang.

Following such rich food (and it was hot in places, we had two crying episodes and only one from a child) you'd have to expect a good day today.

I weigh 194.4lbs.

I am having a poo

That was hard work. I weigh 193.4lbs. I'm surprised it was so heavy to be honest. Not often that Indian cuisine makes one constipated, but there you go.

As I write this I feel the need for a repeat visit. I weigh 192.1lbs. Bear with me, I'll be right back.

I am having a poo

Well, that was far more in keeping with a curry. I am a mere 190lbs. My ideal weight, no less.

I have two rabbits and a dozen quail eggs. I am not yet sure what I shall cook.

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