Monday, 1 October 2007

Birds and bees.

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My 6 year old just asked "how does the seed get from there, below your willey" at this point she coyly gestures towards my groin "into Mummy's bits to make the baby and the placenta?"
"Well, what have men got that women haven't got?" I enquired.
"A smaller hole, down there."
"Which on a man is in his . . ."
"His willy. So the seed comes out of your willy?"
"Yes, the seed comes out of my willy." This is made no easier by Jim crying with silent laughter and the middle girl in TEAM MANLEY calmly listening in and eating a Müller yoghurt.
"But how do you get it into Mummy?"
"Well, I put my willy into mummy."

"EUGH! You put your willy in mummy's bits? Thats DISGUSTING!"

I am a proud father =;¬)

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mediocre said...

Arf! Lovely ;)