Friday, 11 January 2008

Not much improved.

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Once again, I am too busy worrying about other things to be too concerned about this blog today, so I am just going to include my email to work:

Loathe as I am do deprive such dear friends of a glimmer of light in their daily toil, I am nonetheless afraid that I shall once more be absent from your lives on the morrow.

My baby's health is not improved at all, and she is still on a fancy pumping drip thing which, reminds me of the machines that provide morphine on demand. We do not know what the infection is as yet, but poo, wee, blood, snot and saliva have all been taken away and we should discover the problem over the weekend - my best guess at this point is that it is a skin infection caused by bugs in her blood, following a bad reaction to her immunisation, but that is subject to change (first thing this morning we were being quarantined because she had meningitis, which means that we have a room to ourselves now).

To those of you with children, I would like to say that everything points to her suffering as a result of a specific infection which was either a reaction to her injections or which found its way in from her skin when she was injected. This morning there was, as I say, the suggestion of bacterial meningitis, but that is now discounted and the hospital have declared it safe for the 3 year old to visit and are confident that there is not a risk of contagion. If there is any change and there is any concern I promise to let you all know, but everyone seems certain that it isn't anything that you have to worry about.

I, on the other hand, do have to worry about it, so I am going to go and do just that. If you need anything then please email me - I shall almost certainly be awake most of the time I am at home, so please don't think that I won't want pestering, as long as you understand that I might just not do it.

Again, I should like to apologise for robbing you of my company and hope that you somehow manage to struggle through your Friday without me.



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