Thursday, 23 May 2013

Racists are annoying me today.

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I know they are racists, but most of them are more intelligent than this.

There is a lot shouting after yesterday's murder of a soldier in Woolwich. I say things like 'Harold Shipman was a Jew, do we deport all Jews? Savile was English, should all ex-pats be sent back from Spain?' and they say 'those are just two men, there are thousands of Muslims.
How can they not see that the angry men who hate England and the same as the angry men who hate Islam. How do they miss that they are a small minority of dickheads? How can they not compare themselves, wanting to burn Muslims, with the (English) Muslims who wanted to kill an English soldier because of the actions of other soldiers?
I really find it very hard to understand the ignorance.

The two murderers were English too - how many times can you shout 'send them home' to someone from just around the bloody corner?
I am just gobsmacked by the ignorance.

This is not especially coherent and it is not funny at all, but I am just pissed right off that friends of mine can be so bloody stupid.  I have been in warzones with some of these people - they know where this can end. They have seen pits full of dead babies who were born in the wrong house. I know they are better than this.

I am saddened.


vasectomy north carolina said...

That was a wonderful story. I love how you give all glory to God! Thank you for sharing!! :)

PBScott said...

Sadly it is the empty vessels who make the most noise.... and therefore often lead the march.