Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Gin-online, well, erm, online.

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So, it is fairly well documented that I am a fan of the almighty gin. Who wouldn't be?

I like to quaff Bombay Sapphire, seep sloe gin, gulp Plymouth, swig Larios, mingle with Tesco Dry London, stick with basic Tanqueray, embroil myself with some No 10, decucumberate a Hendricks, mix myself up a Ginness, delight in an Oxley cold distilled gin, prepare some blueberry gin or simply lounge around with some Pimms, dressed as a Pirate.

But drinking gin is only the beginning of understanding and, let's face it, Wikipedia is about as reliable as a donkey's overdraft, so I have been left to my own gin tasting devices. Until now!

I now see that www.gin-online.co.uk tells me all I need to know.

So, a blatant plug for a resource I am not involved in, and I am off for a gin.

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