Thursday, 10 January 2008

Baby very, very ill.

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All not well ;( Can't be arsed to type it all, so will include instead a copied and pasted email to work I just wrote:

Manley not coming to work:

Good morning.

My youngest is really rather unwell and is in the hospital with various tubes in her. I had to hold her whilst they stuck three separate IVs in her earlier and have just left her after she had three lots of medications applied through the tube in her leg.

I know that this is irrelevant, but I'm just feeling a bit like her life's not much fun at the moment and it is frustrating.

What is relevant is that I am unlikely to be at work tomorrow - I need to get the eldest child to school and then look after the middle one, at least until I can get my mother here, and then will probably go to the hospital to be with Jim and the baby, so if you do see me you should consider it a bonus and probably buy me choc-ices.

Cheers Pops for last night and please note that I also have a dentist appointment on Monday.




It is morning now and I am just trying to sort out children.
I have taken the eldest to school, but the hospital is asking that I find someone to look after the middle one as whatever the youngest has got (and we don't know yet) might prove to be a bit nasty.

Bloody hell, I wish it was next week and this was all done.

In fact, I wish I was 63 and the children were married and I had a couple of children and I could remember all these hard times, but that I didn't actually have to go through them to get there.

I weigh 197lbs

I am hav . . . sod it, you know what I am doing - I weigh 195.2lbs and I don't feel like I care.


Anonymous said...

This seems really daft when you don't know me and I have only read your blog, but I have kids myself, and just want to say I hope everything gets better for you all really soon. All the best, T

Anonymous said...

Hope everything gets better soon!