Wednesday, 25 April 2012

A list of things that I like.

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Young @Dotmund posted a list of things he likes over on his marvellous blog. It was slightly touching. Then @LollyGee tweeted a list of things that she likes and so, being devoid of independent thought, I have jumped on this wagon, along with the cello player and the git with the triangle who is always trying to get off with the Tuba player's wife.

  1. Half melted jelly cubes.
  2. Huge destructive waves
  3. Sheets of rain falling, just beyond my shelter
  4. The smile of a stranger
  5. The feel of clean, fresh linen
  6. Rocks
  7. sand-ground glass on the beach
  8. Watching hens
  9. Rain on a hot day
  10. Mayonnaise
  11. Words
  12. FIRE!
  13. Cricket
  14. lapsang souchong
  15. Science and BEES!

@LollyGee eschews technology

@benjaminmurdoch loves stationary

@gazbeirne is no technophobe

@and_armstrong is not frightened of titties

@sinistergiraffe reminds me of my old dog, Fred. Always a keen farter.

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